Raising an enquiry with the Learning Team - After the 9th October 2018

Step 1 - Select New Ticket

Step 2 - From the I want to ... dropdown select "contact the learning team"

Step 2a

Step 3 - Select the organisation you are contacting us from

Step 4 - Select the reason you want to contact the Learning Team

Step 5 - Select the member organisation you are contacting us from (Optional)

Step 6 - Let us know a bit more about you.  Although these fields are not compulsory, they are very helpful in allowing us to contact you and work to resolve your enquiry

Step 7 - Tell us the role you perform for your Member site

Step 8 -  let us know if there are any time pressures with this enquiry using the field shown below, and give us a full description of what this enquiry is about in the Description box

Finally, click Submit to send us your enquiry.  Once we have received it, we will email you to let you know and also to let you know what will happen next.  You can update the ticket at any time by going to your ticket in this portal, or by simply replying to the email with any updates.

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