1). Once you have created your Freshdesk account you can raise a ticket to request help from the Research and Campaigns team. This is done by selecting ‘new ticket’ at the top of the portal.




2).  When you click "New Ticket" you will be taken to the new ticket form.  Your name will automatically appear in the Requester field.  Give your ticket a short subject that clearly states what is about. Then use the I want to.... drop-down menu to select which type of ticket you would like to raise.  Choose the "contact Research & Campaigns" option

3). You will then be presented with the relevant fields for your request.  Some fields are optional but any with a * are mandatory and need to be completed before a ticket can be submitted.



If you need a response by a specific date, please let us know by setting us a deadline to get back to you. If you work part time it is also helpful to know your working pattern so we are able to contact you back.


4). Add a more detailed description of your query in the text box. In order to allocate your query to the right person, it helps if you tell us:

  • Why you’re getting in touch

  • What sort of response you’d like to receive

  • An outline of the topic you require help with

You can also add an attachment if it is relevant to your enquiry. Please note the attachment must be smaller than 20MB for it to upload and store properly.





5). Choose a priority level for your ticket - low, medium, high or urgent.


6). Leave the ticket status set to open.


7). Add a Group to your ticket by choosing R&C Network Support from the drop down menu.


8). Click Submit.


9). You will be taken back to the portal where you will be able to see your request.  You can also add any further information about this request here too.  When you submitted a request, an email will also have been generated to notify you.  Please note, emails are automatically generated for notification purposes only, so any replies may not to received or read. 



If you have any issues or question regard anything in this guide, please contact us at support@citizensadvice.org.uk 


Thank you